Sports and hobbies to try out in Rautjärvi.


Rautjärvi – Fit for all

Rautjärvi has good opportunities for all kinds of activities. There are many lakes and rivers to do various water activities, forests to run around in and much more. If your sport of choice is running or biking, we highly recommend you check out Museotie in Miettilä, featured in the video above. Museotie is 20 km road with a long history – it was once a main highway travelling through Rautjärvi. Now the road is a great scenic route and perfect for a bike ride.

I like to move!

Rautjärvi has many opportunities to do sports, indoors and outdoors. By clicking the address or looking at the map below you can find the locations of the venues.

Outdoor activities


Indoor activities

If you have any questions or wish to book a sports venue, please contact us via the websites contact sheet.


Hiking and outdoors

Hiking trails and nature paths in Rautjärvi:

  • Haukkavuori hiking trail circles around Haukkavuori, offering gorgeous, rugged views. Haukkavuori hilltop is the highest point of South Karelia region. The trail is approximately 3 km long. The trail is classified as physically demanding and recquires good physical fitness. Starting point is at Haukkavuori parking bay. Read more about Haukkavuori here.
  • Hiitolanjoki nature path, 3,5 km long, is an easy path that has nice views over the beautiful scenery of Hiitolanjoki river. The path has steps and hand rails installed on the toughest parts of the trail. Starting point is at Ritakoski, Simpele. Read more about Hiitolanjoki here.
  • Konkalampi hiking trail is 9 km long and goes from Konkalampi, Simpele to Haukkavuori. The starting point is on Konkalampi skiing centre. This route is part of the E10 hiking trail, that travels from Rautjärvi to Ruokolahti. Starting point is at Konkalampi, Simpele.

The starting points locations of these trails can be found on the map below.


One of Finland’s top disc golf courses

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Rautjärvi has two disc golf courses: Simpele disc golf course, featured in the video above, and Asemanseutu disc golf course. Both are excellent places to practice your throws or try out this fun hobby with a group of friends. Either way, you’re gonna love it!

Simpele disc golf course is located in Simpele Park, address: Simpeleen Tehtaanpuisto, Puistokatu 4, 56800 Simpele. Read more from Simpele DiscGolf!

Asemanseutu’s disc golf course starts from the old school building, address: Rautjärven Aseman koulu, Urheilijankatu 9, 56610 Rautjärven asemanseutu.