If you're looking something to do or see, Rautjärvi is the place to be.


Antiques and Collectors’ Fair

First organised in 1999, the Antiques and Collectors’ Fair brings thousands of antiques and collectors’ enthusiasts
together every summer from all over Finland and the world.

The event is a weekend long summer festivity with lots of interesting exhibits and lectures, and of course, many antiques and collectors’ items for sale. The fair also provides experts evaluations of objects and various activities for children. The venue has childcare services and a variety of food services.

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Miettilä Kollaus

Miettilä Kollaus is an entertaining event that offers insights to the local history and culture by musical performances,
workshops and lectures and other fun activities. This event is full of authentic, happy Karelian spirit!

The event has had magicians, short plays and different kinds of musical performances over the years of its existence. The venue is at Miettilä, so while visiting Miettilä Kollaus, one might take a look at the Kollaa and Simo Häyhä museum or the Local history museum while in the area.

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Rautjärven Asemanseutu Village fair

The Local fair is a summer event filled with a local town feel. The fair gathers together sellers of diverse items from all over the province of South Karelia. The event has over 2000 visitors annually. The local fair is for everyone and the programs and activities are designed to entertain people from all ages.

Come join the locals for a fun day of activities!

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Cultural week

Cultural week is a week-long festivity that’s organized by the Rautjärvi municipality and local organisations. During the week Rautjärvi has a lot going on: little excercise events, art shows and community events with singing, dancing and more.

Cultural week is a great way to get to know the locals and local culture.

Visit the Cultural week website:,-nuoriso-ja-liikunta/Kulttuuri/Kulttuuriviikko



AsemaFest! is a music festival created and designed for young people by local young people themselves. This fresh and energetic event is specially designed for the youth.

Over the past years the festival has hosted famous Finnish performers such as JVG, Mikael Gabriel and Ellinoora. In addition, the festival activities have included things like climbing and dance workshops. AsemaFest! is an alcohol-free and age-limitless event, so it’s an event the whole family can enjoy together.

AsemaFest! website: